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Laminate benchtops were popular in the past throughout the 80’s and 90’s, yet everyone knows what goes around comes back around, and laminate bench tops are back and trending in the homes of today. Laminate benchtops are becoming an increasingly popular feature in the homes of today as, laminate bench tops are an affordable option to many, can create an aesthetic look for the home, they are durable and easy to maintain. Trademaster specialises in the manufacturing of premium Laminate Benchtops, that are fit for you and your home. The Laminate has been designed to suit many rooms throughout the home, including, kitchens, office, laundry rooms, and is commonly used on cupboards, desks and benches. Trademaster has a wide variety of Laminate Benchtops to select from, the range featuring different colours, styles, textures and materials, ensuring that there is something to suit every home.

Why get laminate benchtops in your home?

Laminate can suit any home, it can add a touch of sophistication and style to a room, creating a new atmosphere and overall look to an area. Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s Laminate was considered as a tacky material but now, thanks to the technology of today, it is at “the forefront of kitchen bench top materials”. Laminate is a simple and easy material to install throughout the home, and is cheaper to replace or repair compared to other bench tops.

If you happen to be a clumsy or messy cook, laminate benchtops are the perfect solution, as laminate is an extremely easy surface material to clean, generally just needing a spray and a wipe. If the laminate is cared for correctly and does not come into contact with hot surfaces, it can actually last up to ten years, providing great durability to popular areas of use in the home, like the kitchen or study room.

: The biggest benefit of choosing Laminate Benchtops over Stone is quite simply affordability. Stone benchtops can cost 10 times more than your average Laminate benchtop which will hurt the budget on your renovation project. For a guide on prices, view our range of pre-made Laminate benchtops online.

Stone Look: Trademaster’s pre-made Laminate Benchtop range features the stone look, which comes in a variety of neutral and earthy tones. The Laminate has been carefully crafted to replicate authentic stone, making sure to include natural features like subtle cracks and shading, as genuine stone would. The Laminate stone benchtops create a light and natural atmosphere that add sophistication and aesthetic to a room. The stone laminate comes in varied colours, ranging from creamy whites to soft and dark greys. Some of the laminates in this range include; ‘Quartz Stone’ in Matt & Gloss, ‘Cento’ and ‘White Myriade’ by Duropal.

Marble Look: The marble Laminate Benchtop range from Trademaster is one of the most popular ranges, that is featured in the many modern homes of today. This range in any home creates the ultimate look of style and opulence. The laminate marble range comes in a variety of different colours, ranging from, black and white marble, to brown, white and grey.

The laminate has been crafted to replicate the actual look of marble, with the marble laminate having the fine flecks of varying shades throughout and a naturally earthy look. The marble laminate benchtops are a standout feature, as they add so much sophistication and class to any area of the home. Some of the laminates in this range include; ‘Carrara Marble Matt or Gloss’ by Duropal, ‘Nero Portoro’ and more.

Concrete Look: The Laminate concrete look is perfect for any home, the colours are neutral, allowing for any decor of a room to coincide with the concrete laminate. The concrete look adds an industrial, yet sophisticated look to the home, the range comes in various colours and shades, including, light and dark greys, black and white.

The concrete laminate look is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom within the home as this laminate is block coloured and doesn’t have any differing, distinct colour flecks through it. This laminate’s natural look and colour scheme, can make it suitable to the decor and features of any room or area in the home. Some of the laminates in this range are; ‘Bellato Grey’ and ‘Grey Cement’.

Wooden Look: The wooden look is another popular Laminate style that is becoming a trending feature in many homes. The wooden laminate creates an instantaneous natural and earthy feel to an area in the home, due to the timber effect the laminate creates.

The wooden laminate replicates wooden planks and has been created closely to resemble authentic wood, even including, subtle, yet natural markings and streaks that are in real wooden slabs. Trademaster’s wooden laminate comes in a colour range according to what the natural tree colour resembles. The wooden laminate comes in four neutral shades, ‘Oiled Oak’, ‘Pale Lancelot Oak’, ‘Flamed Wood’ and ‘Block Walnut’.

Trademaster’s extensive Laminate benchtop range has something for everyone, whether it is a stone look, concrete look, wooden look or marble look. There is a laminate range to suit every home, and a touch of sophistication and style to any area. Browse our online store to buy pre-made Laminate Benchtops and to check out the entire range.

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