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Timber Aurora: Vivid Sydney

Award winning: about Timber Aurora

Timber Aurora is a nine metre long sculptural bench seat. This urban design prototype expresses a technological and functional aesthetic, encouraging audience engagement. The installation redefines the urban furniture found at the edges of the architectural landscape into a form of public space activation.

The natural beauty of timber is manipulated, unleashing its hidden performance. Inspired by the shape of the ocean wave, the experimental bench is designed to display dynamic and fluid movements. The prototype becomes more than just seating as it is equipped with smart devices and lights that play out a sequence reminiscent of an aurora. Inside the bench seat, integrated interactive lighting creates a new type of playful atmosphere that visitors can enjoy.

Trademaster was a sponsor of the Timber Aurora project, supplying the premium Birch Plywood used to construct the project. Birch plywood is one of the most versatile, popular, strong and inexpensive building materials, used in construction projects to date. 


Why birch plywood ?

Birch plywood is definitely known to many builders and architects for its durability, as the process of forming the plywood actually reinforces the strength of the original piece of wood. Birch plywood is uniquely formed by layering up to three or more layers of birch, which adds a great amount of stability and strength to the plywood.

If water resistant glue is used during the formation process of layering the birch, the plywood can be used outside as exterior pieces and will be durable to face the elements. For example the 2019 Sydney Vivid outdoor installation and light experience featured the award winning Timber Aurora. The Timber Aurora project was designed as a piece of public furniture that formed part of the 2019 Vivid Light Walk, the piece was made using durable Birch Ply supplied by Trademaster.

Birch Plywood is a great material to use due to its many benefits including its versatility and popularity, modern aesthetic look, environmental advantages and its strength and durability. It is the perfect material to use throughout the home that will last decades and add atmospheric touches. Trademaster supplies a significant range of premium Birch plywood in various thicknesses, there is surely something to suit every project.

Credit to Artists:  Danna Priyatna Cloris Wang  James Wang  Timothy Li  Delvin Saputra  Images by: Victor Caringal

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