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Birch plywood is one of the most versatile, popular, strong and inexpensive building materials, used in construction projects to date. Birch plywood is an extremely advantageous wooden material to use in projects due to a number of different aspects.

Birch timber is originally found in the snowy forests across Russian and Northern Europe. Birch is a slow growing species and, due to the freezing climate, the environment encourages and produces close grained, smooth textured, pure, high quality timber.

The popular fine-grained wood is extremely multi purposeful and can be used in a variety of different ways in building projects. Birch Plywood, however, is quite commonly used for home improvement projects, and in particular is used in furniture such as; cabinet making, desks, and shelves. Plywood can even be used to make children’s toys and smaller projects like; jewellery boxes, dolls houses, bird houses and music equipment. Birch plywood is the perfect wood to laser cut and engrave on, as it is one of the only types of wood that can come in large enough sheets, whilst being dense through its thickness to with stand a powerful laser.

About birch plywood

Birch plywood is architecturally an easy material to use due to the woods cross banded layers of veneer. Birch plywood is also far more resistant to warping and bowing than any other types of plywood, especially in thicker sheets. This plywood also has a void free core which allows screws to hold their threads, which leads to better screw holding, this making birch plywood a great choice to use in long-term constructions and projects.


Many homes and building projects that feature and use birch plywood look aesthetically effective and result in an elegant finish. Leaving the edges of birch plywood exposed is becoming an increasingly popular trend, that creates an edgy, natural and modern feel to any area. Birch plywood can be easily sanded though, to create a seamless feel and can be stained to give the wood a different look.


A house that uses birch plywood exceptionally, both structurally and architecturally is the sustainable and secluded tree house in Sydney’s southern coastal town, Bundeena.

The “Bundeena House” spectacularly features birch plywood throughout the internal linings of the house, featuring on, the walls, doors and ceiling panels. The great use of plywood in this award nominated house creates and open and earthy atmosphere, due to the exposed wooden features throughout the house. Bundeena House was shortlisted for 5 awards including ‘Best New House’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Kitchen’.

Birch plywood is definitely known to many builders and architects for its durability, as the process of forming the plywood actually reinforces the strength of the original piece of wood. Birch plywood is uniquely formed by layering up to three or more layers of birch, which adds a great amount of stability and strength to the plywood.

If water resistant glue is used during the formation process of layering the birch, the plywood can be used outside as exterior pieces and will be durable to face the elements. For example the 2019 Sydney Vivid outdoor installation and light experience featured the award winning Timber Aurora. The Timber Aurora project was designed as a piece of public furniture that formed part of the 2019 Vivid Light Walk, the piece was made using durable Birch Ply supplied by Trademaster.


Birch plywood is also an environmentally advantageous building material, as the birch species is an abundant and fast growing tree. There is very little destruction or disturbance to the biodiversity when birch is collected, this meaning it is better to opt for a renewable wood source rather than other wood species that have negative impacts on the environment.

A brand that uses ethical and sustainable practices and materials throughout their work is the Sydney design studio, So Watt. The studio So Watt, strongly believes that the future of goods-making is ethical, local and inspirational, the founders represent this message throughout their designs and furniture, with Birch Plywood being the primary material used in their pieces. The design studio prides itself on using birch plywood and says that their locally Australian made plywood furniture is 100% sustainable and has the ability to last decades.

Birch Plywood is a great material to use due to its many benefits including its versatility and popularity, modern aesthetic look, environmental advantages and its strength and durability. It is the perfect material to use throughout the home that will last decades and add atmospheric touches. Trademaster supplies a significant range of premium Birch plywood in various thicknesses, there is surely something to suit every project.

Rover Team Table by So Watt - Birch Ply by Trademaster: Winner of German Design Award 2020

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